VoIP and Features

VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) is an internet telephone system which allows you to make cheaper or sometimes, completely free phone calls. As VoIP has developed over the years, you are now even able to communicate using VoIP on your computer instead of actually using a telephone.

VoIP is completely free when using a computer and sometimes with mobiles and landlines but if it is used to replace PSTN, it will normally come with a cost. However, this price will still be lower than normal phone call costs which means many people can enjoy their phone calls without worrying about the price thanks to VoIP.

There are many providers of VoIP that all have different rates for each call you make. If the call you are making is a VoIP to VoIP call (which means you are calling from your VoIP account to another person's VoIP account) it is normally no charges with most providers. When it comes to international calls, the rates are different for every country with every VoIP provider.

If you use a computer instead of a phone when using VoIP, you may be able to contact others for absolutely free of any cost. This is what happens with most calls but even if you have to pay in some cases, it is usually very cheap.

If you have a VoIP account with any VoIP provider, you can call from anywhere to anywhere in the world using that account if you have a broadband connection. According to the government law of certain countries, especially in the middle-east, using VoIP is banned. You can compare the VoIP rates with the help of VoIP comparing sites.

The most important thing to do before using VoIP is that you have to find which VoIP provider is suitable according to your call requirements because call rates to different countries varies from 0 cents per minute and above. For example, calling from USA to UK is free and calls from USA to India which will vary from 0.05 cents to 10 cents per minute. These call rates can be found from VoIP provider websites or you can compare it using comparing sites.

For using VoIP through computer, you need to download and install VoIP provider software and register your account, verify your telephone number, get your local access number and buy credit. With VoIP you can call landlines or mobiles in any countries. Calling to landlines will be more cheaper when comparing it to the cost of calling to mobiles.

After the introduction of 3G, Wi-Fi and high speed mobile internets, advanced mobile phones are able to access VoIP. For example, by using an application, it is possible to call VoIP calls from anywhere to anywhere with an iPhone 4. Most of the VoIP providers are providing local access numbers that may be a local landline number of the city or a toll free number.

Now, it is easy to make VoIP calls from your iPhone by using applications like mobile VoIP, icall, talkatone, skype and fring thanks to the introduction of the iPhone 4. By using mobile VoIP and similar applications you can login with any of your VoIP provider's user id and make calls to anywhere. To get high quality calls, you need Wi-Fi or 3G network. By using these applications, you can access your contact list from your phone to this application and also, access facilities like balance credit, credit purchasing and also utilise your call history.