The Advantages of VoIP Over Traditional Landlines

You have probably heard about VoIP technology, as there is a lot of "skype hype" out there and praises screamed from mountaintops about similar services. For those of you who do not already know, VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over Internet Provider)However, as it is with anything new, you probably have a lot of questions which you need answered before you make the decision of investing in VoIP, or even switching over completely from land line telephone services to VoIP.

Do you remember in the not so distant past when only some us had cell phones, and those of us that did just kept them in the glove compartments of our cars, and used them only sparingly? Remember how expensive they used to be? Now look at us! We can't leave home without them, and can barely function in this day and age without even having one. Well, the same kind of development and sudden demand that existed in cell phones is now prevalent in the VoIP industry - in fact, in a few short years, VoIP may replace not only conventional land line phones, but cellular phones as well. VoIP services represent an excellent savings for your pocket, and the efficiency with which VoIP services operate are unmatched when compared to any other type of telephone services. This is why it is of utmost importance for you to understand all of the advantages to VoIP now, rather than later, and get in on this new technology while the price is still right.

The Advantages of VoIP over Conventional Land line Telephones

VoIP technology provides its users with a wealth of benefits. If you already have a computer with a broadband connection, a router, a microphone, and/or headset, then you are already set up and ready to go with VoIP - you're only halfway there. Having all of this set up ahead of time will prove to provide you with additional savings, which you can use to put towards VoIP service, and add any extra features you may want to your desired service package.

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular advantages of VoIP services which have been shared with us in the past, and enjoyed by people just like you all over the world.

There is no need for a land line telephone anymore - While it is not absolutely necessary for you to pull out your conventional phone lines and throw them in the garbage, you will soon find them unnecessary, as VoIP will eliminate the need for any long distance services you will have. While these services are expensive and no longer necessary, you can save money by dropping long distance services from your land line telephones, or drop land line service altogether, as you will not have much more use for it while you are using VoIP. This benefit alone can cause you to become addicted to VoIP.

There Is No Limit To Your Communications - Generally, if you choose to have your VoIP services with one of the more well known companies, they will put you on a flat rate where you can have unlimited communications with whoever you want anywhere throughout the world. For example, if you have a business partner or friend in Germany, and you live in Pennsylvania, there is no need to keep looking for a cheaper way to do so. Most VoIP service providers will charge nothing extra for this service, and in the event that such fees may apply with a particular VoIP provider, the charge is minuscule as compared to conventional land line phones and cellular phones.

With flat rate VoIP services, there is no need for you to not call a loved one over the concern of applicable long distance charges. VoIP eliminates that completely and you are able to talk as long as you want.

You Can Have Multi-Party and Conference Calling - Virtually all VoIP providers offer a service better than the conventional 3-way calling service found with land line and cellular phones. Instead of being limited to only 2 other people in the conversation, you can have as many as you like, because using the internet as the method of delivery with this technology is multidimensional, as opposed to the others which are 2-dimensional. With VoIP, you can use it for conference calls and teleseminars with relative ease. VoIP is an excellent idea for businesses, especially those who transact with others overseas.

No Additional Cost For Internet Services - Most VoIP providers offer service packages which allow you to save money on paying for broadband service from your ISP, as VoIP services can provide you the same quality service as a part of your VoIP plan. By doing this, you'll save more money from this unneeded extra expense. To be sure, always ask your VoIP service provider if this valuable option is available.

VoIP is Extremely Inexpensive: Even the most expensive of all the VoIP internet providers are much less expensive than costly conventional service. Because there are not a whole lot of middlemen or channels which help provide VoIP services, this brings your costs down dramatically, as no one in the "assembly line" needs to get paid. Also, Because your connection is maintained and established through the internet connection, it has no need to go through land based wiring systems, which need constant maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. VoIP operates using your computer's broadband technology, connecting it instantly to who you need to talk to, with no one between you and the party on the other end. There may be some small charges when calling a land line or cellular phone with VoIP, depending on your VoIP service provider. Although these costs are fractional, consult with your service provider for exact rates, if applicable.

VoIP has Many Free Services - With many VoIP providers, there is no charge to use their VoIP services at all. If someone you know is in England and has VoIP, and you need to speak with them from Australia, all you need to do is activate your VoIP service and talk away. Generally, computer to computer calls are free, but check with your VoIP service provider to determine rates, if applicable. By making these calls over the internet, there are no rental fees for cellular towers or land line phones. This is one of the main reasons why conventional phone services cost much higher than VoIP services.

VoIP Services Travel With You - No matter where you go in the world, VoIP follows you, because the internet is accessible worldwide. Any computer in a coffee house, internet cafe, library, hotel computer room, etc., with a broadband connection is suitable for using VoIP. This is extremely advantageous, as if you need to make an overseas phone call, or even a phone call overseas within the country you are in, you can make a phone call at a very small price per minute if calling a land line or celluar, and possibly free if the other party has VoIP service. This works out to be drastically cheaper than hotel room rates, cellular roaming and long distance charges, and conventional long distance charges. Think of all of the places in your home country where there are broadband or WiFi, or wireless, "hot spots." Where these exist wherever you go, you can use your VoIP service, just pull out your headset and microphone and you're ready to connect. There are also VoIP phones, which resemble cellular phones that can be used for this purpose by tapping into the signal provided. Sometimes, these special phones are provided with your VoIP package. With these nifty things, anywhere a broadband connection exists, you can use your Portable VoIP phone, as everything is configured automatically, once the signal is detected.

VoIP Comes With Loads Of Free Features - Features which you would normally pay extra fees for on land line and cellular services, such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, three-way calling, and voice mail, etc. These features are very easy to use and are completely set up and ready to go upon purchasing a package with a VoIP provider. Most people never use these features when associated with the other types of telephones as they came with additional fees. Once experienced with VoIP, these features are nearly indispensable. As with conventional phones, your particular VoIP package company you choose to sign up for can determine which services are included and which ones are not.

VoIP is Data Capable - That is, VoIP is more than capable of making data calls, such as faxes. Using your broadband connection, you can send an international fax at a much lower cost, and much quicker than you would with a cell phone or land line phone. As some of us know, the fax capabilities with a cellular phone were spotty at best. VoIP works just the same in this regard to downloading a file from the internet.

Here are some comments we have received from satisfied customers who have purchased VoIP service and have written into us. Read what they have to say about the tremendous benefits of VoIP service

"Wow! That's all I can say! I was at a convention in Milan, Italy and needed call my wife in Cincinnati. If I had used my cell phone, it would have cost me $1.06 per minute. With VoIP, that cost me next to nothing! Thanks for the recommendation." - Robert J., Cincinnati, OH USA

"This is totally cool. Thanks for turning me onto this. I can now talk to all my chat friends online through VoIP rather than sit in front a monitor like all day typing. Cool Beans!" - Sally D., Decatur, GA USA

"With my contacts in America, I can do whatever I need to do with at 75% of what my previous costs were. Whether it be a fax, a phone call, or even a conference call. Can you imagine the money I save each year now just in travel alone, thanks to the teleconferencing features in my VoIP plans?" -- Ian Mc., Dublin, Ireland

"I would have thought that the service would have been spotty, or sounded like you were talking in a bucket or something. But, to my surprise, I noticed no difference in quality of the phone calls I make as compared to the phone calls I make on my mobile or land line phone. This VoIP stuff is amazing! I'll even go out on a limb and say that the quality is a tad bit better than my land line service!" - Meghan P., Ontario, Canada

In reading these testimonials I'm sure you can see that these satisfied customers are already reaping the priceless benefits of VoIP in their business lives and personal lives alike.

As you can see, VoIP will be the new wave in telecommunications in the future. There is no doubt that the time is now to secure a VoIP service for yourself whether you are in business, or even for personal use. Not doing so now will only leave you living in the dark ages, and catching up can take longer than we sometimes imagine. Before you sign another cellular contract or make a commitment to land line phone service, look into VoIP, sign up for its cost-effective services and reap the benefits immediately.

By not doing so now, you are voluntarily giving phone companies money that you could be putting towards your savings or something else you may be dreaming of. Why give phone companies any more money than you have to for service which is not 100%?

Sign up for VoIP today, put these troubles behind you, and stay in touch with the world, rather than yourself alone.